Sunday, February 21, 2016

Book Club: Saint Anything

With the weather being so cold lately, I feel that cuddled up with a good book and and a warm cup of tea is pretty heavenly to me. If only my place had a fire place then everything would feel so perfect, but i can settle with the heater on.*sigh. With that being said, I decided to pick up a book at Target. After being very indecisive, i finally settled on a book that had me hooked from reading the first couple of pages. I recommend clearing all your plans for the weekend and grab the most coziest blanket because this book will get you hooked and you will have a hard time putting the book down!

❤ Book: Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

This book covers serious dark topics, but also i found it in a way were it can be relatable to our personal lives. This book is about a girl name Sydney who feels like she has been living her life in her brother Peyton's shadow. Peyton is a troublemaker and got him self to the point where he ends up in jail. His family and especially his sister feel that it is their responsibility to make things right and deal with his consequences.

This book was very raw and emotional. Dessen tackled the topic how sometimes we suffer from other peoples mistakes.

To lighten up the mood, Saint Anything also has some funny quirky cherished people. Layla, who is the most funniest girl will have you craving for fries every time you read the book. In addition, while so much is going wrong in a person's life, Dessen writes about how for some reason w tend to find comfort from strangers because we don't need to feel judged by explaining to them our problems.

Overall, i loved this book! hence, i finished this book in three days. (I know... book nerd at its finest) Dessen was able to bring the pain and joy out of the book with all the emotions and relatable issues. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who's going through a tough time or just to anyone who wants to read a book!