Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tips To Get Through a Bad Day

*image from pinterest

I can usually describe myself as a pretty bubbly positive person with an obnoxious laugh. But not everyday is going to be filled with sunshine and daisy's, just like everyone else we all have those bad days. Some days i feel like everything is going wrong and everyone just wants to annoy me as if it was "annoy Sheena day" that i did not get the memo of. Other times i just feel very emotional for no reason to the point were i just want to cry.

Every time i have a bad day and i do the things i do try and overcome it. I wanted to write this blog because i wanted to share my tips on overcoming a bad day and help you guys in any way. I just want to disclaim that none of these tips are guaranteed to make you feel better. But i truly believe that at least one of these tips can make you feel even a little better. A little better is better than not feeling better at all. You obviously do not have to do all of these things, just pick the one that appeals to you and give them a try! Remember slow motion is better than no motion.

 So here are my tips on overcoming a bad day:

❤ Mentally tell yourself that your happiness is your own choice
You have to believe that this feeling is only temporary. You have to know that you are the only person that will determine if you want to continue having a bad day or make a change. Just Fake it till you make it, by smiling and telling yourself you will have a good day even though your mindset, just by telling yourself you will have a good day then you will have a good day. If you keep thinking positive then you will soon believe it!

❤ Exercise
One thing that I learned from my dad is that he would go on walks every day because it clears his mind especially with the fresh air and nature all around him. I personally feel like whenever I run like to run at the gym and blast music through my earphones, it gives me a excuse to get my anger out - at the same time sweating calories so its a win-win. You can also just go outside your house and walk around the neighborhood or park. Just getting that blood going and fresh air in your system can clear your mind. Plus, after you can be lazy on the couch and watch some Youtube or Netflix and be lazy all day. I mean who doesn't enjoy being a couch potato? You deserve it after a bad day + exercising!

❤ Cleaning it up, toss it out and organize 
Something about having a clean room or being in a clean enviroment just gives me some piece of mind. Like me, I am a big believer of feng shui in a room. I truly believe your physical surroundings influence your spiritual happiness. Whenever i'm having a bad day, i always find cleaning up very satisfying and boosts my energy up. Just simply putting clothes away, cleaning my vanity area, organizing my shelves de-stresses me. 

❤ Have a mini spa at home
Whenever i'm feeling really stressed out, i can feel my face very stiff and body very tensed. I love taking hot showers and lighting some candles on. I wish I had a Mariah Carey bathtub... one day i will have one. Something about the hot water and steam really relaxes my body. Once you're out of the shower, i like putting on my favorite mask and lay in bed while listening to my favorite music or meditation music.  

❤ Food and plenty of desserts
If there's one thing that makes me happy is some good food. I do not recommend the fattiest food to eat because that's going to make you feel gross. Instead, get some food that you love that you know you wouldn't regret afterwards. One of my favorite go to comfort food is either thai food or chicken noodle soup. Yumm. Okay if there's one thing about me is that I LOVE desserts. After eating, treat yourself to a yummy dessert like a cupcake or a cookie. I truly believe that a satisfying meal is not satisfying without dessert at the end. Plus, desserts spelled backward is stressed. 

❤ Be thankful
One bad days we tend to forget about how grateful we are. It is so simple, yet very effective when it comes to positive thinking. Whenever i'm having a bad day, I tend to write down everything that I'm thankful of. Just by seeing all the good things I have in my life and all the things im thankful of gives me some kind of reality check that there are better things and that this feeling will pass. 

❤ Have a good night sleep
We all deserve a good night sleep after a bad day so we are able to have a better day tomorrow. One thing to have a good night sleep is staying away from any bright screen an hour before sleeping. Yes, that means no instagram, snapchat or netflix! Something about being in a dark room and having your eyes focused on a bright screen can cause us to stay up more later than expected. Grab a cup of tea and read a book is one of my favorite things to do before bed. Something about reading just really relaxed my mind. Another alternative is listening to your favorite music or listening to a audible book. 

I really hope that some of these tips inspire you guys to turn your bad days into a wonderful day. No one deserves to have a bad day, but sometimes we just can't help it and that completely normal. Just remember some days you have to create your own sunshine and that tomorrow will be a better day.