Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book Club: The Girl On The Train

One thing I love about gloomy weather is that it gives me an excuse to stay in the house all cozy-ed up with a good book. 

If you loved the movie "Gone Girl" or dark, haunting and physiological thriller then this book is right up your alley. This book can be difficult to understand because it is narrated by three different women, but in this case the author did a well done job... just takes some times getting use to. 

In the story there is a girl named Rachel who considers herself worthless. She feels that women are only valued for two things: their looks and their role as a mother. Rachel is desperately lonely and cut off from the world from losing Tom, a man she was married to before. She has lost her job and continues to ride the train twice a day. From the window of the train she observed not only the backyard of peoples homes, but the daily activities of another couple who resides down the street from her previous home. 

Rachel has a big imagination. In her head, she has given the couple names and has created a fairy-tale love life for them. In her head, "They're a match, they're a set" and a symbol of all that she lost. One day, the couple that she has imagined in her head turns out to be a "not so perfect" couple. Suddenly everything changes, especially when the woman goes missing. Rachel is determined to solve the mystery of what she saw. 

Her broken memory starts to become a challenge for her, but as this book continues, clues start to be put together. But where do they lead? Can Rachel remember what she saw? How can they believe she can solve this murder case if she only knew these people from a window seat of a train?

This book will keep you guessing who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. I couldn't put this book down. This is not your typical "who has done it" kind of mystery.  There is suspicion almost every character at some point in the book. And none of them are ruled out until the very end. I think the comparison to Gone Girl are deserved. If you are looking for a satisfying thriller, this one won't disappoint you.