Monday, July 11, 2016

Book Club: Love & Gelato

With Summer in full effect, it definitely gives me more down time to relax on the couch and read a good book. Besides baking, One of my favorite thing to do that is just so relaxing to me is reading. I have been told that I have a huge imagination, so when it comes to reading, I just love how I can paint the scenario in my head, as if i'm watching a move.

Moving on, If you're looking for a good summer read then you have definitely come to the right place! Let me start by saying, this book is an amazing book to read, I honestly could not put this book down (Hence, why I was able to finish this book is less than three days). The main character, Carolina, but goes by Lina loses her mother from cancer, her mom's dying wish is that she goes to Florence to live with a father who she has never met. Keep in mind, her father lives in a cemetery! Yes cemetery! *spooky* She is given a journal that her mother kept with her when she lived in Italy when she was younger. Throughout the book, Lina is on a mission to find out the truth about her own beginning, as well as discovering her mothers secrets. She has a hard time accepting who her mother really was, and the man and life she left behind. 

I absolutely loved this book! Not only does it make you want to go to the nearest place that has Gelato, but Welch really knocked it out of the park with this book, making you feel as if you were in Italy with all her descriptive details. Italy is definitely on the top of my list of places to go someday, also keep in mind, the places that she mentioned in the book are actually real places! So if you're looking for a book full of emotions that'll make you laugh and even cry, or you like part romance and part mystery then you must read this book! You wont regret it.

Hugs & Kisses Until next time,