Monday, July 18, 2016

My Review on Pressed Juicery "One-Day Juice Cleanse"

I am pretty good about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you would think I would be constantly eating junk food since i'm always baking, but to tell you the truth, I am very good at disciplining myself. That doesn't mean I won't treat myself to some dessert! A girl like me, needs her dessert to stay alive. I try my best to exercise at least 4-5 times a week. But lately, I have been eating very poorly and it's starting to take a huge negative effect on my body mentally and physically. Yuck.

So with the being said, I needed to take action and cleanse my body so I can feel more better and energized and alive. I stopped by my local Pressed Juicery and decided to try out their 1-Day Juice Cleanse. So for one day, I have given up all foods and drinks (except water), and instead I drank eight bottles of yummy cold-pressed juice. Although, you can always just juice at home with your own fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a different experience, when everything is already prepared for you which I found very convenient. Since I have been asked many questions about what is was like going on a cleanse, I would like to share my experience on here!

Lets start with the basic. 

What is a cold-pressed juice?
In a much simpler form without any scientific terms, it is a machine or "cold-presser" that extract juice by pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables without adding any heat, hence the term "cold-pressed". Cold press juicers use the right amount of pressure to extract the juice while maintaining its vitamins, enzymes, and overall nutrients.  

What is a Juice Cleanse?
With these juices providing the highest quality plant-nutrition available, it gives your body an extra push to maintaining a healthy basic. Cleansing is basically detoxing the body and restoring optimal health. In other terms, giving your body a break from all the horrible processed food you've been eating. At Pressed Juicery, you have the options to choose which cleanse you would like to choose, Cleanse 1,2, or 3  based on your current diet or goal or you can even customize your own selection . *Note - This is not a cleanse to lose weight .

How it works:
Each cleansing package comes in six, 16-ounces drinks per day. The one thing that I loved about Pressed Juicery is that they already label what drinks you should drink in order! *Two thumbs up! Right when you wake up, start drinking drink #1 and then ending with drink #6 at least two hours before you sleep. You should drink each juices two hours apart. Also the hardest part of it all is avoiding any solid foods and snackies and any drink that is not water while cleansing. 

Additionally, with the six bottles of juices, they give you two drinks: one with chlorophyll and another one with aloe vera. Also, continue to drink eight glasses of water during the cleanse. The chlorophyll water is there to drink between your juices, which helps you rebuild red blood cells. The aloe vera water is your last drink of the day, after the almond milk, which is there as a small colon cleanser... basically eliminating and detoxing the body.

Before the cleanse:
I can't stress this enough, stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water (which you should be drinking at least eight cups of water a day) is the key to a successful cleanse! 

Of course, you're starting this cleanse because of your horrible eating habits, it can also help your cleanse be more successful - and be less of impact to your system - by cutting down the fatty foods three days before. Try skipping out on meats, pasta, bread, dairy, sugar, basically anything that bad for you and basically eat a salad. (You can doooo it!)

It's been a few day's after taking the juice cleanse and here's what I think about it...

Lets start by saying, this cleanse was a challenge. It was definitely not easy, although it was only one day. You really have to be prepared and put your body and mind to it.

The Pros to this cleanse is that it definitely swipes out your old taste buds to newer fresher kind of taste buds. I felt more energetic than I did before (without having to rely on coffee). So, ever since then I have not had a cup of coffee to keep me awake which was awesome! My mind also feels more awake and open. All of these results were definitely my main goal of all of this, to feel more alive. It made me more conscious of what I eat and I definitely do not miss any heavy food! + Of course I am still having my small cheat dessert once a week. A girl like me, needs dessert to feel satisfied.

Now, the Cons... First off, the hardest drink was the Roots 2! oh my I was dying trying my best to drink that, the taste of the ginger was not appetizing to me. That one was definitely a challenge. Next, I also started to get hungry by the fifth drink... good thing It was almost time for bed. Lastly, I kept having to go pee every 20 - 30 minutes, so I would definitely suggest having a bathroom near you at all times.

In general, I would definitely recommend this juice cleanse! Its definitely a boost to get your body into a healthier lifestyle. Or, if you have been feeling sluggish and want to make a change. Like I stated before, this cleanse is not for long-term weight loss results. Keep in mind, this review is based on MY experience, every body is different and may react differently. It is always best to do your research before hand when it comes to dieting/cleansing!

Hope you've enjoyed reading my review! Please drop me a comment if you have any other questions or general feedback!

Until next time, Hugs & Kisses