Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Snow Balls

If there's one thing that I could wish for during the holidays, it would defintely be snow in the Bay Area. I have always wanted a white christmas! Something about the snow and all the christmas decorations make everything seem so magical. 

Since there wouldn't be snow this year once again, I've decided to create my own snow balls and they're edible! But the best part of this recipe is that it only requires a few ingredients. These vanilla holiday snowball are the easiest thing to make for a last minute dessert for a party or a potluck. 

They're kind of similar to a cake pop but instead of candy melts, I used melted white chocolate chips with a little bit of heavy whipping cream to add a shiny glaze kind of finish. These Holiday Snow Balls are not just delicious but they look so festive and cute! 

1 box cake mix
16 oz container ready-made frosting
A bag of white chocolate Chips
1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
Holiday Sprinkles of your choice

Bake the cake as directed on the box, using a 9x13 cake pan. Let cool completely. 
Once the cake has cooled completely. Crumble cake into small pieces in a large bowl, then add three-quarters of the container of frosting into the large bowl. Mix together until thoroughly combined. 
Roll mixture into 2 inch balls by hand and place them on a prepared baking sheet, cover baking sheet with plastic wrap and chill for about an hour or two.
After your cake pops have chilled completely, take baking sheet out and place aside.
To melt chocolate, heat a small pot with several inches of water. Cover the top with a heat-proof bowl. Make sure stem cannot escape. Pour in the bag of hot chocolate in bowl, then add in heavy whipping cream. Stir occasionally. 
Dip one cake ball into melt chocolate coating until covered completely, remove with a fork, and then place back on baking sheet.
Add sprinkles right away onto chocolate coated cake balls.
Repeat steps 6-7 until done.
Place baking sheet in freezer for 20 minutes.
Once cake balls have cooled completely. Take them off the baking sheet and they are ready to be served!