Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Whole30 Experience

I have to admit, I’ve struggled a little bit with writing this post. I’ve had the draft saved for a couple of days, and have opened and closed it many times.  I started hearing about the Whole30 Program from a fellow YouTuber that I follow. I did a tiny bit of research about what it was, and decided to watch more videos of peoples reviews on The W30 and see what all the fuss was about. At that point, I had absolutely NO intention of actually doing The W30 (I couldn't give up my sweets!) but my mind was quickly changed once I began reading.

To be honest, healthy eating has never come naturally to me in my adult life.  It always seemed hard, and horrible.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone on diets and lost weight (and then gained weight), but any diet I’ve done in the past has always been more about how much weight I could lose (in the quickest amount of time) than about how I was actually treating my body or more importantly, how my body was feeling.

The W30 lasts for 30 days.  You can read all the details, specifics, and every little detail in the book or on their website, but basically, we were allowed to eat meat, eggs, veggies, occasional fruit, and healthy fats.  Everything else (grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy, sugar, processed foods, ect…) was NOT allowed.  We had to eat 3 meals a day.  We were not allowed to watch tv, use a computer or phone, or have any distractions during meal time. We had to listen to our bodies while eating and stop eating when we were full and satisfied.  We were not allowed to snack between meals.  We could not weigh or measure ourselves for the duration of the 30 days (but we could do it before and after to see the results). 

Was it hard? Major Yes! 

The W30 was a totally different way of eating for me. I had gotten so in the routine of carbs and sugar every day and SO much processed food as well. I am that girl that needs my dessert fix after every meal. This program was a complete detox for me, and believe me, I have felt it in my body.

Oh man.. my body HATED me for the first week. I had stomach issues, headaches, brain fog, ect…  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Oh, and the cravings.  Sometimes, they were bad.  One night I could not stop thinking about doughnuts..  Seriously, it was ALL I could think about. I even started googling any healthy alternatives to a "whole30 approved" doughnut. Of course, no luck. Sad life.  I had to have one…..but I didn’t.  Once the first week passed, the cravings started to get better.  Was it ever “easy” for me?  Yes and no.  There were days that were easy peasy, and other days that felt like I wanted to die.

Here was the downfall of being on the whole30 while working full time in retail.... Sometimes you are too busy or tired to even eat. If there's one thing that I didn't follow completely, it was eating three meals a day. There were days were I was too caught up on things that I barely even ate. Couple days where I didn't even eat at all, maybe just a banana but plenty of water! Water is seriously the key. 

I use to suck at drinking water. I absolutely need a cute water bottle to keep me motivated to drink water (I know, Im such a dork. To also help me drink water, I downloaded this app called MyWater, its an app that reminds you to drink water constantly through out the day, as well as keep your water intake updated. It has seriously been the best app ever. 

Overall, I would definitely do The W30 again. I've lost about 9 lbs, since I also have been working out about 3-4 times a week. Skin wise... My skin has never felt so healthy and smooth! So, now that it’s over, what do I think? Yeah… I liked it. It’s definitely an entire lifestyle change, but it’s only 30 days, and critics need to understand one important point: the Whole30 isn’t designed to be a long-term, sustainable or realistic diet. It’s used to reset, rebalance and help regain control over your relationship with food and reinstate positive patterns in all aspects of your life. 

It did that for me. 

With that being said, I’m going to take this mentality with me even now that the 30 days are over. I know sugar affects me negatively, so why would I want to continue consuming it? Here’s why: because it’s just nice sometimes. And I’m a human, not a machine. Have you ever had a Banana Cupcake before? 
I’m going to allow myself to enjoy a nice drink after work with some friends or a cookie or two. That won’t stop. For the majority of the week, though, I’ll continue to focus on consuming whole foods and limiting my overall sugar intake. I know I can eliminate it for 30 days straight, so I also know I can moderate it as my normal diet.