Thursday, November 2, 2017

Heaven + Champagne

Before officially moving to Los Angeles, My boyfriend and I were visiting the city to do some last minute paper work signing for the apartment (Thankful for my love for driving me to LA twice within two week). We were driving around downtown and I notice a bunch of tree's and bushes sitting upon the rooftop of a building. I told him how it looked really nice. I didn't think much of it to notice it was actually a restaurant. 

The following week my boyfriend surprised me with brunch to Perch AKA the awesome - building - with pretty plants on top - not knowing it was a restaurant ( Major brownie points for this man). 

Perch is a French-fare rooftop restaurant and bar located in the heart of Downtown LA that has some of the best skyline views in the city. Perch sits on the top 3 floors of an old building overlooking Pershing Square; And when I say old, that’s an understatement. Our eventful journey to the rooftop started with an elevator ride to the 13th floor of the ancient building. Perch is more scene than brunch cuisine.  Its a great place to show off to your out of town friends or indulge in some tasty drinks in a chic, upscale atmosphere

Its only right to enjoy such beautiful rooftop brunch with a little day fade. So naturally the first thing to catch our eyes were the drink menu of course. We went with a bottle of Domaine Chandon Brut Classic with a side of  peach purée. 

I 100% recommend the Egg's Benedict as well, they are to die for. I can NOT stress that enough.